Hello + Questions about BDK book + Thank Yous.


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    Hello + Questions about BDK book + Thank Yous.

    Post  Gnocci on Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:34 am

    Well, started to read BDK this sunday and ended by monday by 2 AM, just so you can see how really addicting it is.
    I got to know the comic by reading the Better Days (I won't start Drama, seriously), and searched more for Lucy and found BDK; but enough of that, don't want to bring up bad memories.

    Got some questions about the book.
    1: Do you know the price it'll be? (just an idea?)
    2: How many volumes there'll be?
    3: After the X volumes above published, do you think you'll do more books?
    4: After the X volumes above² published, will you make a "Special BDK Box With All Books"? Because I plan to buy all the books in one shot.
    5: Will it be able to ship to south america (Brazil [yes, I know.])?
    - If not, I'll work my way out...

    And some thanks to Mat for the [real addicting] story, the not_bad_at_all art and those fantastic punchlines (seriously, I loved 'em) and the characters (wich had a great development thu the whole plot[s]).
    And to Kat to, for helping out mat with a also_great art.

    - And this question is non-book related: Will there be any new plots when Kat covers up the 'old' plots or will BDK come to an end? (OH NOES!).

    Won't be able to keep up with the news since my Med School starts next year and probably I'll get a shitload of things to read/do... so I'll check it up on vacations and/or holydays.

    Many thanks again for you guys. And keep it up!

    PS: Sorry for any Grammar errors, my english is rusted since my german classes started.

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    Re: Hello + Questions about BDK book + Thank Yous.

    Post  Mat on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:35 am

    Man, these answers are gonna suck.

    1 - We have no idea right now.
    2 - At this point, it's actually looking likely that there'll only be the one. We can't say for sure, but Kat has started doing artwork for another company in the time since the BDK book's art was finished, and I'd kinda like to move on to a new project. So I'd plan on just the one for now.
    3 - It's possible. I haven't planned that far ahead.
    4 - N/A
    5 - Quite possibly. I'm actually not 100% sure how the book will be distributed online yet, but I'll bet it'll be able to ship to Brazil.

    Thanks for the thanks, and in reply to your final question, it seems likely at this point that this book will mark the end of BDK. But who knows, I've said I was ending it before, and I always came back (kinda).

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    Re: Hello + Questions about BDK book + Thank Yous.

    Post  Gnocci on Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:20 am

    Thanks for the time and patience Mat.

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    Re: Hello + Questions about BDK book + Thank Yous.

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