How BDK Came to Be?


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    How BDK Came to Be? Empty How BDK Came to Be?

    Post  Eltoshin on Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:39 am

    So, I started reading BDK around 1-2 years ago and I just realized, what made you decide to do BDK Mat? Just think it'd be cool to know what made you want to start a webcomic?

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    How BDK Came to Be? Empty Re: How BDK Came to Be?

    Post  Mat on Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:53 am

    My friend Ed and I had plans in late 2001 to write a comic about my character Lucy and his character Nikashi, which would be drawn by Ed's girlfriend of the time. Said girlfriend vanished, however, so the project never got off the ground. A few months later, I decided to do a comic on my own. That's the short story. To get the long story, append the following paragraph:

    I had only been perusing the Internet for about two years at that point, but I had made friends with a few well-known artists in the furry community, and it's with them that I spent most of my first couple furry conventions. I think this gave me a view of the fandom from the "provider" side more than the "consumer" side, and when you're sitting with guys who are raking in cash just by being normal and drawing while people in leather wolf costumes fawn over them, it really puts the fandom into a new perspective for you. Though I don't think I realized consciously that I had done it, I think it was this that lead me to decide which side of the fandom I wanted to be on. I played with a few ideas, and decided that since I had no artistic ability, I'd create something that gave no expectations. I stole the name Badly Drawn Kitties from the musician Badly Drawn Boy, threw something up on Keenspace (now Comic Genesis), and away it went.

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